Jewel's of Time

My name is Julie and I love to garden, quilt, crazy quilt, and build and furnish dollhouses.  Here I will share some of my adventures along with the adventures of my crazy family!


Every moment is a jewel to be used wisely!

For the past year the thing I have done most is garden.  Last summer we started "renovating" our farm.  We have moved in a trailer house, started renovating an old house, and moved in a cottage.  The trailer is what we will live in.  The old house is what I will be working on all my quilting in and the cottage is for gardening.  The dollhouses will be in a combination of the two cos I can't make up my mind where I want to work on them!

Here is an overall view of the place.  To the far right is the house, center is the trailer, and to the left is my little cottage.  In the forground is my car, The White Cloud.

Our Ship    

On January 12 they set up an oil well on land that we own mineral rights to.